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Spring 2018 Reading:  Wild Flowers of the Holy Land

Springtime is a beautiful season everywhere in the Holy Land. As one drives from place to place, up north, down south, carpets of bewitching colourful flowers beckon to the traveler.

We commence the Spring semester 2018 presenting to our readers the book Wild Flowers of the Holy Land” with significant features such as its date, 1876, published in London, and as the title page indicates, with “fifty-four plates printed in colours, drawn and painted after nature.”  Exquisite creativity harnessed to the fullest, this is the book’s testimony.  The title page also carries the author’s name, Mrs. Hannah Zeller as well as the dedication of E. E. Nowell, April 1876.

The book, in all its appearances is rare and valuable, with its gold-rimmed pages now loose and falling off from its spine; hence, the need to preserve it and convert every valuable page into electronic format. Below are some scanned pages from the book offering us a view into what the book’s contents are, waiting for you to see and enjoy them.    This digital form can now be accessed HERE.

Book cover

Title page

"Wild Pea Flower"

"Olive Flower"


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