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Bethlehem University Receives €20,000 Grant from L'Oeuvre d'Orient

Washington, D.C. (January 8, 2014) – Bethlehem University in the Holy Land has received a €20,000 grant (equivalent to approximately US $27,212) from L'Oeuvre d'Orient to fund computer systems on campus. L'Oeuvre d'Orient, based in Paris, has supported Bethlehem University for more than 25 years, and is the only French association dedicated to the support of Eastern Christians. Founded in 1856, it operates in three areas: education; health; and support for people, pastoral and cultural action. It helps bishops, priests and religious communities to fulfill their mission to all those in need, regardless of religious affiliation, in 23 countries, mainly in the Middle East.

Bethlehem University, located in Bethlehem, Palestine, opened in 1973 as the first university in Palestine and only Catholic university in the Holy Land. The University that began with 112 students and 17 faculty members now has a student body of more than 3,000 with upwards of 14,000 graduates around the world. Women comprise 75 percent of the student body, which is 70 percent Muslim and 30 percent Christian.

Bethlehem University accepts donations around the world to support the ongoing and future needs of the University. For more information on Bethlehem University in the Holy Land, please visit


Providing quality higher education to the people of Palestine, Bethlehem University is the first university established in the West Bank. Serving as a center for the advancement, sharing, and use of knowledge, Bethlehem University traces its roots to 1893 when the De La Salle Christian Brothers opened schools in Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Jaffa, Nazareth, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, and Egypt. Emphasizing excellence in academic programs and the development of students as committed people to assume leading positions in society, Bethlehem University was founded in 1973 through the joint efforts of Palestinian educators, community leaders, the Vatican and the international Catholic religious order of the De La Salle Christian Brothers.

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