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23 August 2013

Bethlehem University Prepares New Students for First Academic Year

This week Bethlehem University welcomed around 800 new for the new 2013-2014 academic year. 

The Office of the Dean of Students organized a three-day orientation event for the new students, including information about the University and about duties and rights as university students. The orientation included tours on campus to introduce the main facilities and information sessions about the various projects in which they can be involved.

Brother Peter Bray, Vice Chancellor of Bethlehem University, welcomed the new students on behalf the University and introduced the Administration of the University.

"You are the future generation who will help build vibrant society, and build the new Palestine," he said. "Bethlehem University is here to provide you with high-quality education to help you build your future and your country." 

Students were also introduced to the financial policies of the University in order to understand their tuition payments, how to apply for scholarships, and more. 

"I joined Bethlehem University because it is internationally recognized, and its graduates always have better chances of employment," said Rozan Baseel, a new student of the Faculty of Education. "What amazed me is the way Bethlehem University takes care of disabled students, by providing ramps, equipment, and facilities to make their time on campus as easy as possible."

On the third day, the new students were introduced to the Deans of the faculties and institutes, in addition to the chairs of the departments and other faculty members. Students were introduced to the academic programs provided in the five faculties and two institutes at the University.

Roseanne Ramadan, another student from Bethlehem, was impressed with the organization of the University and expressed great satisfaction of the orientation sessions. She said she already feels at home when she enters the gates of Bethlehem University.

Around 50 student counselors were also part of the team of the orientation to give the staff a hand and to share with students their own experiences at the University. The counselors gave the new students tours of campus and introduced them to the main facilities of the University and the main University regulations.



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