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15 April 2013

Thalassemia Friends Association and Bethlehem University Combat Blood Disease

ThalassaemiaRecently 11 Bethlehem University students were chosen to participate in a workshop focused on eliminating the blood disease Thalassemia. The goal is for all newborns in 2013 to be Thalassemia-free, aiming for Palestine to be first place in the Arab world, and second place in the world, after Cyprus.

In cooperation with the Thalassemia Friends Association, the students were chosen by the Dean of Students’ office in cooperation with the Social Sciences Department at Bethlehem University. The workshop focused on providing students with the required skills for the prevention of this fatal disease, and shedding light on the importance of pre-marriage examination for the disease. 

In addition to students from Bethlehem University, students from the Polytechnic Palestine University and Hebron University participated in the two-day workshop, hosted by the Polytechnic University.

The office of the Dean of Students at Bethlehem University has received a certificate of appreciation from the Thalassemia Association for the great participation of Bethlehem University students, and their commitment, cooperation and distinction in making the workshop a success.


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