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16 April 2013

Romanian Dignitaries Visit Bethlehem University, Explore Academic Partnerships

Romanian DelegationAn official delegation from the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Romanian Mission in Palestine recently visited Bethlehem University to discuss the possibility of future cooperation between Bethlehem University and Bucharest University in Romania. 

During the visit, Romanian Ambassador Gheorghe Magheru spoke about the vision of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and their intentions to develop relationships with Palestinian academic institutions. The delegation also included Mr. Dan Petre, Director General of the Romanian Diplomatic Institute; Dr. Daniela Zaharia, Director of the Center for Cultural Diplomacy Studies at the University of Bucharest; Mr. Dan Alexandru Vasc, Romanian Consul; and Mr. Marin Albu, Representative of the Romanian Embassy in Ramallah. 

The delegation met with Brother Peter Bray, Vice Chancellor of Bethlehem University, and Dr. Irene Hazou, Vice President for Academic Affairs. Brother Bray gave an overview of Bethlehem University, highlighting various points during the past 40 years, and shared future plans of expansion and development of academic programs and facilities.



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