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15 April 2013

Bethlehem University Welcomes Equestrian Order Lieutenancy from Vancouver

On April 10, Bethlehem University welcomed a pilgrimage group from the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem, Lieutenancy of Canada-Vancouver, generous supporters of Bethlehem University and its students. The Equestrian Order, a Roman Catholic order of knighthood, is called to "sustain and aid the charitable, cultural and social works and institutions of the Catholic Church in the Holy Land."

EOHSJ VancouverBethlehem University was pleased to host the group from Vancouver, some of whom have visited the campus numerous times, including Mr. Joseph Tan, who is also a member of the Bethlehem University Foundation Board of Directors, which is comprised of friends of Bethlehem University in North America who provide supplemental funding and other assistance for Bethlehem University programs.

Brother Peter Bray, Vice Chancellor of Bethlehem University, welcomed the visitors and spoke of the needs of the University; the hopes and dreams of the students; and the steadfast spirit that Bethlehem University has maintained throughout the many difficult and tumultuous times in the nearly 40 years since its inception. The group was led by His Excellency J. Michael Miller, Archbishop of Vancouver, who was also present last summer in Vancouver at a screening of "Across the Divide," a one-hour Documentary about Bethlehem University produced by Salt + Light TV of Canada, which was attended by hundreds of people, including staff from Bethlehem University.

During the visit to campus, the Lieutenancy group was able to tour campus and hear from students, including a lunch together in the Hotel Management facility. During lunch, Archbishop Miller was joined by student Hussam Al-Joulani, a fourth-year Accounting student who spent some time during his childhood in Ottawa. Hussam shared his future goals of completing a Masters degree abroad and then returning to Palestine to contribute what he has learned. Archbishop Miller applauded these goals and encouraged Hussam to continue in his educational path, which will likely open for many new opportunities.

Every year Bethlehem University  welcomes more than 5,000 visitors to campus. Click here to learn about how you can visit Bethlehem University!


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