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12 April 2013

Two Bethlehem University Brothers Honored with Doctorates
at St. Mary’s University of Minnesota

Brother Joe Loewenstein

Brother Joe Loewenstein, President Emeritus
and Special Projects for Development

With a combined 128-year commitment to education as De La Salle Christian Brothers, Brother Joe Loewenstein and Brother Jean Manuel have been permanent fixtures at Bethlehem University for most of its existence – educating thousands of teachers, civil society and business leaders, parents, nurses, scientists, and Church workers. This week, Brothers Joe and Jean were each honored with a Doctor of Humanities, honoris causa from St. Mary’s University of Minnesota. The fellow Lasallian university conferred the doctorates during its celebration of De La Salle Week and its founding 100 years ago. 

"I join the entire Bethlehem University community in congratulating Brother Joe and Brother Jean," said Brother Peter Bray, Vice Chancellor of Bethlehem University. "In their years of service to the University and the Palestinian people, they have touched countless lives – demonstrating their passion for education and commitment to the communities they serve." 

Brother Joe Loewenstein, President Emeritus and Special Projects for Development, arrived at Bethlehem University in its second year of classes. At the time, he was on sabbatical from Kenya, but he was asked to go to Bethlehem University when the first President, Brother Joseph Neary, left for health reasons. Now, 38 years later, Brother Joe continues to be a significant presence on campus, having served a variety of positions including President and Vice Chancellor. He has been recognized by many for his devoted work in Palestine, particularly with those living in Palestinian refugee camps.

Brother Jean Manuel

Brother Jean Manuel, Assistant Professor
of English

"Your faith and zeal, your vigor and determination, and your witness to a brotherhood that is without borders, has inspired me for many years and has been a great gift and grace for over a quarter of a century to the people of Palestine at Bethlehem University," said Brother William Mann, President at St. Mary’s University, in a letter to Brother Joe. 

Brother Jean Manuel, Assistant Professor of English, is a native Palestinian. He has been recognized for his lasting contributions to the Church in the Middle East and to the world of Lasallian higher education. After more than 30 years at Bethlehem University, Brother Jean has touched the lives of countless students and families.

"Brother Jean has worked for many years on behalf of the rights and dignity of the Palestinian people and has, with persistence and determination, worked for a more just and peaceful society in the Holy Land," affirmed the citation of the Doctor of Humanities from St. Mary’s University. 

We congratuate Brother Joe Loewenstein and Brother Jean Manuel on their awards and thank them for their years of service to Bethlehem University!



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