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25 March 2013

Palestinian Minister of Health Visits Bethlehem University

Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences hosts several trainings and workshops
in coordination with local and international partnerships

Dr. Hani Abdeen
Dr. Hani Abdeen, Palestinian Minister of Health

During a recent visit to Bethlehem University, Dr. Hani Abdeen, Palestinian Minister of Health, commended Bethlehem University and the Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences for producing qualified students and graduates, who are distinguished at their places of employment in hospitals and clinics by their high job performance.

Dr. Abdeen was welcomed to Bethlehem University by Dr. Michael Sansur, Executive Vice President, and Dr. Miriam Awad, Dean of Nursing and Health Sciences, in addition to some of faculty, staff, and students.

Following his tour at the three departments of the Faculty -- the Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, and the Midwifery sections -- the minister spoke to a wide audience of students, comprised mostly of students enrolled in the Faculty of Nursing.

This visit is part of a busy couple of months for the Faculty of Nursing, which recently held trainings and workshops on several subject areas: diabetes management, occupational therapy and kinesiology, and midwifery treatment of postpartum depression.

The topic of diabetes management was part of a two-day introduction and refresher course on diabetes, entitled Managing and Treating Type 1 Diabetes, organized by the Faculty of Nursing in coordination with World Doctors Organization in France and the Diabetics Friends’ Society in Bethlehem.

Nursing students

Students ask questions of the Minister of Health

The diabetes workshop included presentations about anti-diabetics drugs, with a focus on insulin therapy and lifestyle management, and included additional topics on psychological support to patients and families, with specialists advising students on also working with families of diabetics at the time of diagnosis. The second day of the workshop focused mostly on complications associated with diabetes, presented by experienced doctors in the fields, such as neuropathy, nephropathy, macroangiopathy and retinopathy, in addition to diabetic foot syndrome. Students were able to discuss these topics with the doctors as well as nurses from a number of local hospitals and medical centers.

Earlier this month, the Faculty also hosted experienced kinesiologist Mrs. Miranda Gharib. She studied and practiced kinesiology in the U.S., and visited as a guest lecturer for the Occupational Therapy program. Her classes were part of a biomechanical theory course for second-year students.

Finally, 20 Midwifery and Nursing students received special training on methods of scientific research, as they prepare to work locally to interview mothers who suffer from postpartum depression. These various trainings are part of the Faculty’s commitment to equipping students with valuable tools that can be used in their future careers.


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