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5 March 2013

Graduates of Bethlehem University Lead Globally Recognized Auditing and Accounting Firm in Bethlehem

Mr. George Abu-Farha
Mr. George Abu-Farha ('07)

Two passionate and enthusiastic brothers, George and Jamal Abu-Farha, both graduates of Bethlehem University, lead the successful Al Shayeb Auditing & Accountancy Corporation, a family business founded in 1973 by their father, Mr. Issa Abu-Farha and his sister Ms.Samia Abu Farha BU'77.

Both sons graduated from the Shucri Ibrahim Dabdoub Faculty of Business Administration at Bethlehem University, where they majored in Accounting. Jamal, a 2011 graduate, works as a Senior Auditor and Accountant in the company. George, a 2007 graduate, will return to the company in Palestine after the completion of his CPA examinations in the United States. Their mother, Mrs. Basma Al Arja Abu-Farha, was among the first classes to graduate from Bethlehem University, in 1977. The sons credit Bethlehem University for their first-class education and solid business-related coursework, which have instilled in them the skills, passion, and vision to continue the development of the family business. 

Mr. Jamal Abu-Farha
Mr. Jamal Abu-Farha ('11)

"My studies at Bethlehem University helped me a lot in my work, and I am a very proud graduate of Bethlehem University, where I gained the power of accounting knowledge and principles," Jamal said. He attributes his success and hard work to his faculty, especially to Dr. Fadi Kattan, Dean of the Shucri Ibrahim Dabdoub Faculty of Business Administration.

Though relatively recent graduates, George and Jamal have already implemented successful business practices learned at Bethlehem University, earning international recognition for their company. Applying international standards to their work led to a significant exclusive arrangement signed in September 2012 with Geneva Group International (GGI), a global company working in the field of professional auditing and consulting that is currently ranked sixth in the world. Under this agreement, Al Shayeb Auditing & Accounting Corporation became the exclusive member to represent GGI in the Palestinian territories. 

Bethlehem University congratulates the Abu-Farha family on their successes!


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