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Inspired by Generosity 

Donate to Bethlehem University"What I have learned from Bethlehem University can’t be expressed in words so easily," says Fadi Saleh, a fourth-year student at Bethlehem University. 

"Learning by doing," he says, "has been invaluable." He is majoring in Computer Information Systems and Business Administration and took first-place in the Summer 2011 Entrepreneurship Competition. Throughout his time at Bethlehem University, he has gained "real-world" experience and boosted his professional skills. But he didn’t do it alone. The Bethlehem University community nurtured Fadi intellectually, socially, and emotionally.  For Fadi, a Student Ambassador who earned a 4.0 grade-point average, learning opportunities extend beyond textbooks and chalkboards: "Bethlehem University gave me a chance to be involved in extra-curriculum activities like the Entrepreneurship Club, .Net Club, the Student Ambassadors, and the Computer Club. These have really shaped my personality! I also had the chance to participate in many competitions in business and computer topics." 

Fadi Saleh

Fadi Saleh enjoys lunch with visitors
to Bethlehem University

Fadi, a recipient of a scholarship for exceptional students who have earned a  minimum 3.75 GPA, adds he is grateful for the friends and donors to Bethlehem University, who are all significant members of this great family.

"At Bethlehem University, you are treated as a part of a great family; the administration and the faculty are very close to the students. There are no boundaries between a student and a teacher or an administrator," he says. 

"Bethlehem University delivers the highest quality of education possible to the maximum number of students via the help of our friends from all over the world. Their generous visits and donations are lives being changed, futures being built, and goals being achieved. Their visits and donations, along with their care, are the fuel that keeps the University going."

Generosity to him, he says, has inspired him to think of ways he can give back.

"I look forward to the time when I will be giving others what Bethlehem University has given me, and to deliver in my own way the message of peace and unconditional giving that the great Bethlehem University represents."

For Fadi and many others, Bethlehem University is a true model of peace.

"I had many situations that I thought my friends are Christians and they turned out to be Muslims and the other way around. We don’t care about our differences," Fadi explained in a recent interview on Vatican Radio. "We care that we are people who live together in the same place and we respect each other. We have nothing but respect and love for the other."

Despite living with the complexities and injustices of the ongoing occupation, Fadi thinks positively about the future. With his entrepreneurial spirit, no goal is too ambitious. "My dream is to build a software company here in Palestine after studying for a master’s and working outside for a couple of years."

When asked why he would want to come back to Palestine to start his company, he says, "It’s our land. It’s our home. We have to stay here and live here with our families and our friends and the people we love." 


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