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7 February 2013

"I always look up to Bethlehem University Graduates," says British Consul General in Jerusalem 

Earlier this week, on Wednesday, 6 February, Bethlehem University welcomed to campus Sir Vincent Fean, British Consul General in Jerusalem, and other senior British Consulate officers. During their visit, they had the opportunity to meet with Brother Peter Bray, Vice Chancellor of Bethlehem University, and a number of students on campus. 

British Consul General"Bethlehem University has a very good reputation, and I always look up to graduates of Bethlehem University," said Consul General Sir Vincent Fean, who, with Mr. Jonathan Hargreaves, Head of the Department for International Development, expressed interest in increasing academic cooperation between Bethlehem University and universities in the UK, either by exchange of students or faculty. 

During the visit, Brother Peter Bray briefed the Consul General of the latest plans for Bethlehem University, namely the recent signing of the fraternal partnership with the Custody of the Holy Land, which will help the University toward its purchase of the Mount David property. In addition to expanding the Bethlehem University campus size by one-third, once the project is fully funded, this acquisition will enable Bethlehem University to provide expanded research and community service initiatives, new undergraduate entrepreneurial programs, and additional master and professional degrees in Governance and Public Administration, International Diplomacy and Foreign Service, and Social Work, among others. 

The visitors from the British Consulate-General also had the opportunity to hear from students during an open discussion with some 25 of the Bethlehem University Student Ambassadors, who shared with the Consul General the difficulties they face as students, particularly the financial hardships and the restrictions of movement. For his part, the Consul General reaffirmed to the students the efforts of the British Government in supporting the peace process between Palestinians and the Israelis in addition to the reconciliation process between Fatah and Hamas.  


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