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15 January 2013

Bethlehem University Program Connects Graduates, Provides Job Opportunities

Every day holds new opportunities and important connections. Mr. Anton Handal ('12), a recent graduate from the Computer and Information Systems Department (CAIS) at Bethlehem University, was hired by fellow Bethlehem University graduates Mr. David Nour ('95), who runs Nour Design & Print with his wife, Mrs. Selina Nour ('96), in nearby Beit Jala. 

Anton was hired through the Bethlehem University Job Placement Program, which is run by the Alumni Relations Office. Mr. Anton Handal and Mr. David NourThe program helps create new job opportunities in Palestine and is funded through a generous grant from the Italian Ministry for Youth, which provides partial funding for companies to hire these recent graduates. As a result of this program, 22 graduates have been hired by 10 local organizations and companies in Bethlehem and Ramallah. The major goal of this grant is to empower the graduates and students of Bethlehem University to increase their creativity, innovation, and employability, through exciting job opportunities in relevant career fields. 

David Nour, a graduate of the Shucri Ibrahim Dabdoub Faculty of Business Administration, believes in the importance of the partnership between Bethlehem University and the Italian Ministry for Youth because it helps to support both the graduates and employers.

"As a Bethlehem University graduate, I believe we all should work together to help the graduates themselves to understand more about the Palestinian marketplace through various programs that can be developed," David said. 

At Nour Design & Print, Anton is working as an Administrative Assistant and Graphic Designer, where he is able to implement the knowledge he gained during his studies at Bethlehem University. His major in Computer Information Systems and a minor in Business Administration influence how Anton works with customers: from conducting a proper needs assessment to ensuring that the customers' wants and needs are met. He credits much of his success to Bethlehem University and the Partnership in particular.

"This program helped me to find a job opportunity and learn new skills and knowledge," Anton said. He emphasized the important work of the Alumni Relations Office and the bridges it built for him and other graduates who have utilized it to seek employment, and also for employers to connect with the qualified candidates graduating from Bethlehem University.

In addition to being grateful for the services provided by Bethlehem University, Anton has not forgotten the good times and unique experiences he had while attending the University with his friends and learning from his qualified teachers, specifically Mr. Elias Mukarker, Mr. Rami Sabella, Dr. Muna Mattar, Mr. Nader Abu Saad, and Dr. Suhail Odeh. He is appreciative to them for all that he learned during his tenure with them.

To learn more about the Job Placement Program at Bethlehem University, please contact Ms. Haneen Musleh at


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