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Two New Books Received with Grateful Appreciation

for Mr. George el-Ama


“A generous donor, and forever a supporter” – that’s Mr. George el-Ama. He has demonstrated his support for Bethlehem University Library as he recently donates two more valuable books to the Palestiniana collection at the Turathuna Centre.

The first book “La Gran Familia” is written in Spanish, authored and compiled by four men now living in Chile, Colombia, Mexico and the United States, who trace their roots to Bethlehem. This book is an invaluable resource for the genesis of the Gidi (also known as Yidi, Jidy, Guidi) family which the authors belong to, and offers the readers historical and timeless photos of Bethlehem and their families.


Above is the second book about Samia Halaby, a well-known Palestinian artist, expatriated from her native Jaffa where she started painting as a young person. This resource material has an attractive, colourful presentation opening one’s “appetite” for art appreciation. Ms. Halaby proves her giftedness as an artist in this book.

Everyone is invited to see and read these books which will be found at the Turathuna Center.

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