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26 March 2013

Gifts of Healing and Hope this Holy Week

A letter from Brother Jack Curran, Vice President for Development

Dear Graduates and Friends of Bethlehem University,

On Sunday, with the celebration of Palm Sunday, we welcomed Jesus into our hearts to find the places where each of us needs healing and hope. Yes, our Holy Week of grace has begun, and the mystery of God's unconditional love is unfolding before our eyes.

Rose Garden

Roses in bloom at Bethlehem University

As we enter into the mysteries of this Holy Week, I am thankful for the healing and hope that you bring to Bethlehem University through your visits, gifts, and prayers. Your kind generosity transforms the lives of our students.

Yes, Bethlehem University is truly a special place that you make possible.

Our location, our approach to education, and our mission as the only Catholic Lasallian University in the Holy Land, together with your support, makes healing and hope real. And this healing and hope is manifest through the top-quality education that our faculty provide each and every day. I encourage you to visit our website for some of our latest developments, examples of the healing and hope that your support brings to life:

Thank you for being a critical part of the miraculous and vital educational work of Bethlehem University. Your steadfast support is counted among our greatest blessings! May this season of Lent and this Holy Week grant you peace, and may your heart be full as you greet our risen Lord this Easter. 

Blessings to you this Holy Week,

Brother Jack Curran, FSC, PhD
Vice President for Development


Donate to Bethlehem University

Why give to Bethlehem University? 

What makes Bethlehem University different from other universities? Like they, we prepare our students to analyze and communicate. With a strong academic grounding, our undergraduates and graduates alike develop skills in research and inquiry that prepare them for future challenges and opportunities. We, much like other fine universities, have faculty members who are leaders in their respective fields and take their knowledge and enthusiasm into the classroom.

At Bethlehem University in the Holy Land, however, we believe these outstanding qualities are enhanced by four unique factors: our place, our approach, our mission, and your support.

Located in one of the most remarkable and complex places in the world, the Holy Land is our canvas on which to explore and exchange cultural and religious differences, the search for truth and the pursuit of justice as the gateway toward peace. Our students and faculty cross physical, social, and academic borders to engage in pursuits that are boundless. Imbued with Christian values, morals, and ethics, we apply our Lasallian heritage of teaching and nurturing each student to commit to serving the common good and improving the future for all our brothers and sisters in Palestine.

Without question, the work of Bethlehem University could not be possible without your generous support. Your gift to Bethlehem University guarantees that based on our location, Catholic Lasallian approach, and our educational mission, we will continue to provide unparalleled opportunities of healing and hope to our students.

Thank you for sharing in our mission, supporting Bethlehem University, and making healing and hope real!

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