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21 November, 2012

Eihab Isaac, '09: Making a Name for Himself

Eihab IsaacEihab Isaac graduated from Bethlehem University in 2009 and he has not wasted any time in forging a career path for himself.  Majoring in Computer Information Systems with a minor in Business Administration, Eihab took advantage of everything the University had to offer during his tenure.

As early as his second year of study, Eihab took the skills he had gained and started freelancing.  He would go to local businesses and help them develop a website or assist them with other business processes. He did this not for the money, but to gain experience that would put him out front. During this period he developed six websites for clients and several software programs.  In fact, by putting himself into the market he met the boss he has today at ZEVA, a technology company that works in both Palestine and the United States.

Eihab participated in the entrepreneurship program at Bethlehem University’s Institute for Community Partnership for approximately three months before he first went to the United States with ZEVA. He was the first Palestinian to join the company in Chantilly, Virginia, and has been influential in the direction the company has taken. As a Senior Consultant, Eihab is responsible for Identity Management – a challenging new field in the technology industry.  

“I like to be challenged” Eihab said. “I like to use best practices and to implement them for customers so they receive the very best product.”

In May 2012, Eihab was a presenter at The Experts Conference (TEC) 2012, where he talked about customized user interface for Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) 2010. Eihab has gained sufficient expertise to be a leading voice in the field and feels that his experience at Bethlehem University enabled him to obtain this. 

“The environment at BU was very challenging,” he said. “You had to be the best. I carried this with me into everything else I have done and this has been very good for me. The program at Bethlehem University was excellent and helped me to strengthen my skills. Through my minor in Business Administration, I was able to study management, advertising, and selling – to learn how the world really works. While at BU I took a course in selling where we had to choose a product and do a marketing plan. This was so important for me because afterward I decided I would apply these same concepts to myself. I was able to look at my strengths, at the opportunities in the market for me, and at the threats I would have to compete with. This course opened my eyes and I have used it in many, many ways ever since.”

Currently, Eihab is working for ZEVA and also pursuing a Master’s degree in Information Technology at George Mason University in Virginia, near Washington, D.C., where he takes two classes each semester. When asked what he saw for himself in five years he replied: “Of course it depends how the market goes and how I can adapt to new challenges, but I see myself leading a full-crew of 10-20 consultants in the area of identity management. This would be ideal for me.


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