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9 November 2012

Amal Bandak ’11: A Volunteer who brings a smile to young faces

Amal working with the childrenMany of our graduates are seeking to serve the community and intend to improve the quality of life for others. Our graduate Amal, who graduated from the Institute of Hotel Management and Tourism in 2011, chose to follow her heart and passion to volunteer in the Franciscan Boys Home in Bethlehem.

She helps teaching the children who are living there to do their homework efficiently and to improve their education skills in writing and reading. Her first experience in volunteering was last year in a summer camp for children at the Latin Parish in Beit Jala.

According to Amal this human activity helps her to improve her personality and to know more about the lives of others. In turn, this helps her to gain understanding of others and how they think.

“Volunteering and helping other people especially the small children is adding great value to my life since I am feeling I can change the life of other people around me, ” Amal said .

Amal feels so happy when she sees and feels the positive impact and improvement of the education progress of the children she works with. Amal emphasized that social responsibility was built inside of her since her studies at Bethlehem University where ones learns passion for giving and helping others.

Amal participated in the Sir John McGuckin Internship and Mentoring Program in July 2010 which is run by the Alumni Relations Office at Bethlehem Universityand funded and sponsored by the Western Lieutenancy of the EOHSJ. During her internship at the Rancho Bernardo Inn in San Diego, she was a good representative of Bethlehem University and its values.

The Alumni Relations Office at Bethlehem University is proud of Amal and hopes she will continue spreading the spirit of love and joy among others.

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