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Building Bridges and Peace: A story of Daoud Nassar ’96

daoud nassar Each one of our graduates is distinguished by his unique success story. Daoud Nassar, a graduate of the Shucri Ibrahim Dabdoub Faculty of Business Administration in 1996, is a prime example of that point.

Daoud Nassar is the leader and founder of the Tent of Nations that has become a symbol of self-sufficiency and self-sustainability for Palestine as the Nassar family fights for the land it has owned for nearly a century. The Nassar family has been fighting for the right to keep their land since 1991, when it was threatened with confiscation.

The Tent of Nations was established in 2000 and a portion of the land was given by the Nassar family to the Tent of Nations project so locals and internationals would have a place to "build bridges of understanding and peace on a broad base."

Due to the threat of demolition the family cannot build permanent structures on the land, and therefore the family and volunteers live in temporary structures such as tents and caves.

Daoud Nassar calls on Palestinians to learn to be self-sufficient as a non violent approach to resisting the occupation. He also believes that donations only weaken Palestine by making it dependent on others. Many volunteers have gathered at the Tent of Nations to help maintain and cultivate the land as Israel uses the justification that any land that is not being maintained and cultivated can be confiscated.

The mission of Tent of Nations is to build bridges between people and between people and the land. In pursuit of this mission, Tent of Nations has established projects to develop and protect the land and to make the land a center for people from different countries to come together and build bridges of trust and hope.

Bethlehem University is proud that it has produced a strong believer who builds a bridge between nations from different countries to the world in order to protect his own land. His work reflects well on what Bethlehem University hopes and aspires for: that as a result of their education at Bethlehem University our graduates like Daoud Nassar will be people who are dedicated to serving the common good and standing steady to save their values and beliefs.

Khader Hosh '10 Completes the Sir. John McGuckin Mentoring Internship Program  

Every day there is a new story and a new opportunity to learn and to give. On 14 September, Khader Hosh ’10, a graduate of the Hotel Management Institute at Bethlehem University completed the six week Sir. John McGuckin Mentoring Internship program.

Khader did his internship in Woods Hole Golf Club in Massachusetts. He began his internship on 27 July, 2012 and ended it on 12 September.  

Khader Hosh was supervised by Ms. Dawn Copeland, the assistant Clubhouse manager who directed him during his training. Khader served as a Food Runner in their Club House.  The role of the Food Runner is to make sure that the customer will receive the right order in a quick time.  If the server is not available at any time for a variety of reasons, it is the responsibility of the Food Runner to make sure that the food is delivered to the customer.

Khader emphasized that he was able to gain good experience from his colleagues at the Club and to add more knowledge to the education he earned during his study at Bethlehem University. “I am grateful for Bethlehem University and the Alumni Relations Office for giving me as a graduate a chance to experience and to live something new.  It is great to help the new graduates find new ways,” Khader said.

Ms. Copeland stated: “We found Khader to be most helpful in our work environment.  He has a strong work ethic and we truly enjoyed having him with us here at the Woods Hole Golf Club.”

Bethlehem University and especially the Alumni Relations Office are grateful to the team at the Woods Hole Golf Club, especially Mr. Michael J. Fay, the Clubhouse Manager, for his time and efforts in putting together the arrangements and requirements for the internship.  We are also grateful to Ms. Dawn Copeland, Assistant Club House Manager, for her guidance of Khader during his internship.

This opportunity was completed as part of the Sir. John McGuckin Mentoring Internship Program.  This could not be done without the support of Northwestern Lieutenancy, the Western Lieutenancy, and Italian Ministry for youth; we are grateful for their interest in Bethlehem University and for their continuous help and support. We are also hopeful that through your continued generous support, we will be able to send more Bethlehem University graduates overseas to learn from other people’s experience and knowledge and bring it back to the Palestinian community to share and practice.

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