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New Opening for New Restaurant by Khader Alawy, ’08


Are you ready for a western meal at a Palestinian restaurant in Bethlehem?  Then you should go to “Massina” restaurant for such a meal.  This is not all; you will also have a chance to meet one of Bethlehem University’s ambitious graduates from the Institute of Hotel Management, Khader Alawy, class of 2008.

Khader made his own way and has achieved his dream of having his own restaurant. This dream was growing within him while he was a student in the Hotel Management Institute at Bethlehem University. Now, he is the owner of Massina Restaurant on Karkafa Street, where the menu includes many western foods, including wonderful hamburgers and French fries.

“I am practicing all the techniques I gained and the knowledge I have learned during my studies at Bethlehem University,” Khader said.

In a visit to the Alumni Relations Office, Khader emphasized that he is really grateful for his teachers, Mr. Elias Juha, Training Coordinator, and Mr. Nabeel Al Mufdi, the director of the Hotel Management and Tourism Institute, for their support and guidance. Their advice helped him to take this big step forward in his chosen field.

Khader wants to send a message to all graduates of Bethlehem University: to fight for their dreams and seek to create their own project in spite of the difficulties and Alawy Khaderchallenges that we are facing in the West Bank.

The Alumni Relations Office and the Hotel Management Institute at Bethlehem University wishes our graduate Khader good luck in running his own business.  He is willing and able to face the challenges that may arise because he had the benefit of a good education and Bethlehem University.  He believes he has what it takes to achieve success and so do we! It is really impressive to witness a graduate, such as Khader, creating his own opportunity.  His determination to succeed and the actions he has taken to do so, make us all proud.

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