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Dr. Eman Abu Saada ’88: A Story of Reinvesting in Bethlehem University and Palestine

Our graduates distinguish themselves with their loyalty for their country and their University. All of them are aware of the importance of giving back to the country in which they were born. Each one, with his or her unique job and position, can create the real changes that our country require.

As graduates are interviewed, it becomes very apparent that our graduates have a special incentive to serve, to give back to Palestine, and to do what it takes to build a great nation. Dr. Eman Abu Saada is a good example of this.

Since 2000, Dr. Eman has been working as a lecturer at Germany’s Catholic University of Applied Social Sciences, with which Bethlehem University has a joint program. There she has taught seminars in Gender and Development and in social work. The cooperation between the two Universities for the program is predominantly through a student exchange program.

Because of the fact the Dr. Eman graduated from Bethlehem University, she has been able to bring new ideas to the exchange program, taking into consideration the needs of social work education at Bethlehem University. As an academic coordinator for the program, she was responsible for promoting new ideas and implementing them with the team; she coordinated with the staff at Bethlehem University, including Ms. Ferdoos Al-Issa (’92); Ms. Minerva Jarayseh ’96; Mr. Mohammad Lafi ’95; Dr. Nahida Al-Araj ’89; Ms.Nabeela Daqaq ’96; and Bilal Salemh ’01

The program has demonstrated the effective cooperation between the two universities over the last 3 years in accomplishing a major goal: it has shown the need to link social work education to the needs of the community and critically reflect them back to the university in order to build a curriculum that is in turn more responsive to the community’s needs.

Dr. Eman thinks that through her experience in both countries she can contribute effectively to the exchange program through ideas and concepts that could be implemented to advance the relationship between the two universities.

“As a Bethlehem graduate I am always eager to make sure to implement projects that Bethlehem University could benefit the most from, and I feel I can pay back to my university who I consider it has given me a great basic higher education.”



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