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19 September, 2012

Bethlehem University Hosts a Multimedia Exhibition for Young Artists

“Sails for Freedom” features the art work of 45 Young Palestinian Artists

Dr. Anton Sansour Hall, located in the Social & Cultural Center on campus of Bethlehem University, was the site of "Sails for Freedom," an exhibition full of very distinguished pieces of art designed by some 45 Palestinian young artists, writers, and photographers who expressed their view of freedom through their artistic work. In cooperation with Bethlehem University, Filistin Ashabab (Palestine Youth) cultural and media project organized the second annual art exhibition on Bethlehem University Campus 19 – 28 September, 2012.

The opening was attended by a number of students, faculty, and staff of Bethlehem University in addition to some distinguished guests from the Ministry of Education and other Universities.

In his opening speech, Dr. Michael Sansour, Executive Vice President of Bethlehem University, welcomed the crowd and affirmed Bethlehem University’s commitment to support the youth and their creative work.

Mr. Sani Mio, CEO of Jeel Publishing, stated that this exhibition resembles the vision of the project Filistin Ashabab, which is committed to developing a generation of young people who enjoys the freedom of self expression.  He added that this exhibition reflects the way those young artists see and express their view of freedom. The exhibition featured paintings, photographs, and prose in addition to audio-visual presentations of freedom, all nicely displayed.

Firas Mukarker, a photographer participating in the exhibition said, “this is my best experience in an exhibition, as it is the first Palestinian multimedia exhibition.”  He added that his contribution was a photograph of a Palestinian young girl wearing colorful wings flying towards her freedom.

The exhibition, “Sails for Freedom” will be touring the country for nine months, landing in several academic and cultural institutions in Palestine, with the hope of promoting the work of young artists and giving them a platform to express their opinions regarding such important and sensitive topic as “Freedom.”



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