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Occupational Therapy Students Celebrate OT Month

On Tuesday 29th April 2014 the students of the Occupational Therapy Program from the Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences, led by Sana Jawabreh held a celebration of occupational therapy. Worldwide April is occupational therapy month aimed at raising awareness for our profession.

Dean Mariam Awad officially opened the celebrations and delivered her address to a packed hall. Those who participated in the event included community organizations, Al- Malath, the psychiatric hospital, The Four Homes of mercy, Creche, and Yamima. Also in attendance were faculty and staff from the Occupational therapy program at the Arab American University in Jenin, showing the spirit of co-operation which exists between us.

The celebration included interactive fun and academic displays. For examples; a thought provoking snakes and ladders game with questions highlighted the stigma towards disability. The importance of life balance was used as a way of getting participants to reflect on their own lives. This additionally included the domains of practice in occupational therapy.

Participants were able to examine their own stress and anxiety levels by filling in a questionnaire. A relaxation room showed stress relief in action with participants able to experience the process.

April is also autism world awareness month so autistic spectrum disorders were addresses and examples of occupational therapy interventions presented. An adaptive equipment display gave participants the chance to use equipment and to reflect on the purpose of many different devices.A particularly popular table was the sensory experiences area; participants were able to feel what it is like to have a hearing disability or a visual impairment. This was presented in an interactive way so the experience was different for each person.

With the community involvement of local schools a fun area for children was set up with music, games and face painting.This event highlighted the personal motivation and commitment that our students have.

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