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09 February 2016

Job Interview Workshop for 4th Year Nursing Students at Qubeibeh Campus

On Tuesday, 9 February, Sr. Mary Yacoub, faculty member at the Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences, organized a workshop for the 4th year nursing students in Qubeibeh.

Mr. Jihad Abu Amsha, Assistant Vice President for Human Resources & Administrative Affairs, and Brother Peter Iorlano, Coordinator of Institutional Values conducted the workshop.

This interactive workshop, which lasted nearly 4 hours, addressed topics such as the importance of the job interview, preparing for the interview, professional comportment and attire at a nursing job interview, and a study of the kinds of questions that could be asked.

The workshop culminated in simulated job interview during which Jihad and Brother Peter role played interviewers and students took turns being interview as well as rating the interviewees.  Student participation was thoughtful and enthusiastic; afterwards students were grateful for this informative and practical learning experience.


Workshop in Qubeibeh

See Video below

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