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22 August 2016

Johannes Zang on campus with a German group again this year

Mr. Johannes Zang is no stranger to Bethlehem University, having visited various times; he can easily find his way around campus.  The energy of Mr. Zang is resonated in the people around him, as one could easily notice how relaxed and full of life his groups are.

On Friday, September 2nd, 2016 , Mr. Zang came to Bethlehem University with yet another group, this time arriving late in the afternoon with around 25 pilgrims from Germany.  Greeting the group was the new German volunteer Jonah Wermter, being his first group since holding his new position on campus; it was an exciting opportunity for Jonah, more so as it was a group from his home country. 

Upon arrival, the group spent the first few minutes at the Chapel of the Divine Child were Br. Joe Loewsetein went into details about the beautiful history of the peaceful oratory.  Jonah in his part added to the descriptions presented by Br. Joe, relaying the information as accurately as possible in in German.

About ten student ambassadors joined the discussion session, perhaps many excited at the chance to meet the new German volunteer but also some recalling the fun experience with Mr. Zang’s past group visits. A few were happy to practice their German language skills, boasting in-front of their fellow colleagues of their  German language skills, most notably Ms. Shaden Al-Shaer, a graduate of Talitha Kumi in Beit Jala. 

“It was a great experience for me asserted Jonah, and the group was lovely, but also fun to chat with, I wasn’t sure it would be this unique of an experience, and look forward to welcoming more groups to Bethlehem University”.

To learn more about Mr. Johannes Zang, once can easily view further details at the following link: , perhaps in the process review some of the great books he has written over the years.

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