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10 October 2016

Bethlehem University hosts an Academic Meeting for a Delegation of the International Criminal Court

The Delegation from the International Criminal Court (ICC) of The Hague has concluded their first ever visit to Palestine.

The ICC, The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and The Negotiations Affairs Department of the PLO chose Bethlehem University as the venue for this 9th October 2016 academic meeting to which students and faculty from all Palestinian Universities were invited. In addition to students and faculty, lawyers and human rights activists and experts attended the session.

The Office of the Prosecutor at the ICC stated, “The purpose of this visit will be to undertake outreach and education activities with a view to raising awareness about the ICC and in particular, about the work of the Office; to address any misperceptions about the ICC and to explain the preliminary examination process.”

Head of the Delegation Mr. Phakiso Mochochoko said the visit is meant to inform people about the work and mandate of the ICC and is not meant to collect evidence or discuss the preliminary examination done on Palestine.

After a lengthy presentation about the procedures and the work of the court and the foundations of investigations and preliminary examinations, members of the delegation fielded questions from the audience in Bethlehem and also from participants in Gaza through Video Conference.

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