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05 September 2016

Palestinian-Chileans Donors' visit to BU 

Executive Director of Arabian horses Ms. Elizabeth Kassis and Bank of Palestine public relations and marketing representative from Chile Ms. Valentina Giacaman, along with Ms. Heba from the local Bank of Palestine with friend Roberto, who is the sports sponsor and trainer at the bank, visited Bethlehem University on Monday, September 5th, 2016.

The group had just left the institute of community partnership, a center for community service and part of Bethlehem University; meeting in the process at the center Mr. Mousa Rabadi, Director, to discuss possible cooperation between the two for future projects, sole aim of which is to benefit the community.  Ms. Nisreen Khalilieh ICP project coordinator was glad to escort the group to the main entrance of the university, in which guest relations officer Mr. Demitri Awwad was present to provide the entourage with a tour around the university. Mr. Isaac Sahhar, was pleased to greet the group on the second floor of the De La Salle building, near the Executive Conference room, which was a room that had been dedicated and sponsored by friends from Chile, notably present Ms. Elizabeth Kassis, who was excited and to see what her support has done. “I hope to sign future agreements in this room, my aim is to further strengthen our relationship with this beautiful university and community as a whole”, noted Ms. Kassis”.

The guests got to see the Bethlehem rooftop and gasped in awe at the beautiful scenery of the entire city, Jerusalem in the background and to the south the fog of the Dead Sea.  The group remained at Bethlehem hall to also view the plaque of the hermas brothers, who moved to Chile in 1910. The building was later acquired by Bethlehem University.

Bethlehem University is seeking to strengthen its ties and further expand the cooperation with the Arab community in the Latin world, putting in most recent months and years a lot of focus and effort on this important and vital matter, as one great example is the recent effort of the municipality of Bethlehem which has put together a program titled “Bethlehem Diaspora convention” to attract Palestinian émigrés from the Latin part of the world. The group from the convention will spend an evening at the university, meeting with regents and board members from the University.

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