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06 September 2016


Cooperation agreement to enhance students' employability

Bethlehem University signed cooperation agreement on Monday 29thAugust 2016 with the Palestine Education for Employment (PEFE), in Ramallah.  The signing of the agreement was attended by Dr. Sabri Saidam, Minister of Education and Higher Education, and Mr. Mazin Sinokrot, Chair of PEFE and CEO of Sinokrot Global Group (SGG), Former Minister of National Economy, and Mr. Saro Nakashian, CEO of PEFE.

The agreement covers several areas of cooperation including Technical Training, Finding a Job, and Entrepreneurship Training. Technical Training will focus on different specialization, which includes Hotel Management, IT Training, Principles of Marketing, and Accounting Software Systems.  The Entrepreneurship Training will consist of in-class and hands on training in professional business writing, leading to the development of a complete investment plan for the proposed business. Finding a Job, also consists of direct training classes supplemented by take-home and independent exercises and activities.

Dr. Michael Sansur, Executive Vice President, who represented Bethlehem University in signing the agreement, expressed delight in such an agreement.  Dr. Sansur said, “this is the best we can do for our students and we are on right track".

Such agreement comes inline with Bethlehem University's attempts to respond to the students' needs to an integrated relation between the acadmic institutions and the market.  The program will run under the direct supervision of the Career Guidance Office at Bethlehem University.

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