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22 November 2016

Photography Exhibitions featuring Cypriot History and Culture

On Monday, November 21, 2016, Bethlehem University, in cooperation with the Representative Office of the Republic of Cyprus to the State of Palestine, hosted the inauguration of two photography exhibitions in the De La Salle Hall. The exhibitions were titled “Multi-religious Cyprus” and “World Heritage of Cyprus: history, myth and religion.”

The event began with a ribbon-cutting ceremony which was followed by speeches by Dr. Michael Sansur, Executive Vice President of Bethlehem University, and H.E. Mr. Savvas Vladimirou, Representative of the Republic of Cyprus to the State of Palestine.

Dr. Sansur welcomed the guests and emphasized the relationship between Cyprus and Palestine by mentioning that they share common histories as well as a similar climate.  He also said, “Over the centuries, Cyprus and Palestine have often crossed paths as both were under Byzantine rule, the glorious remnants of which we can still see today.  Both were also under a long Ottoman rule and later under British rule.”

His Excellency, Mr. Vladimirou, thanked Bethlehem University for hosting the event in such a “historical and beautiful building,” referring to De La Salle Hall. He hoped that this exhibition will promote cultural relations between Palestine and Cyprus, and encourage more Palestinians to visit Cyprus, which he described as an “open air museum.”  He went on to talk about the significant cultural and religious history of Cyprus and the importance of a country’s cultural heritage. 

In addition to a number of faculty, staff, and students of Bethlehem University, the event was attended by H. E. Mr. Reuben Gauci, Representative of the Republic of Malta in Palestine, H.E. Mr. Vassilis Koinis, Deputy Consul for Development at the Consulate General of Greece in Jerusalem, members of the Palestinian Greek and Cypriot Friendship Society, and members of the Greek and Cypriot Ladies Association of Palestine.

Guests had the chance to examine the photography exhibition and relish in the beauty of the heritage of Cyprus that was reflected in the photographs.  The event was followed by refreshments and a sampling of Cypriot and Greek food prepared by the members of the Greek and Cypriot Ladies Association of Palestine and served by the Institute of Hotel Management and Tourism of Bethlehem University.

Such event is one of a series of exhibitions Bethlehem University hosts frequently in order to give a chance for its community to learn about other cultures and heritages.

Photography Exhibition - Cyprus

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