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08 November 2016

The 5th Board of Directors Meeting of Bethlehem Institute of Tourism Training (BUITT)

On November 2nd 2016, the Bethlehem University Institute of Tourism Training (BUITT) held its fifth meeting for its Board of Directors on campus.  Aside from the board members, the meeting was attended by guests representing USAID/Compete, Palestinian Market Development Programme (PMDP), German Association of the Holy Land, and Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC).  Following the welcoming by the Chairman of the Board Mr. Hani Abu Dayyeh, the board secretariat briefed the Board Members on the support received from Compete and PMDP projects.  Two grants from USAID/Compete were offered in support of the progress of BUITT activities. The first grant went towards the development of the hospitality vocational training curriculum, while the second grant went towards the development of the architectural designs and drawings for the Institute of Hotel Management and training hotel at the Mount David site –a new property added to campus in 2013.  Another grant was received from PMDP in support of sending six vocational trainers to De La Salle–College of Saint Benilde in Manila, Philippines, for intensive courses in hospitality vocational training capacity building. It also included conducting a promotional campaign to promote the newly developed hospitality vocational training courses throughout Palestine. The Board Members expressed their sincere thanks and appreciation to both USAID/Compete and PMDP.

The Board Members were also updated on the ongoing legal process for registering BUITT as a non-profit educational institution in Palestine.  It is worth mentioning that the BUITT has lately received the official approval of the Ministry of Higher Education for its registration.

The Directors of the Institute of Community Partnership (ICP), the Institute of Hotel Management and Tourism, and the University Engineer presented their periodical reports to the board.  Fund raising activities for the development of Mt. David project, new vocational training collaboration possibilities, and Institute of Hotel Management and Tourism students’ internship and training opportunities in the Gulf area were discussed as well.

Bethlehem University has always emphasized excellence in its tourism and hospitality programs. It continuously supports the development of the tourism industry throughout Palestine by providing the newly introduced hospitality and tourism vocational training programs in addition to its well-established academic program.

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