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21 October 2015

Handal House Purchase Completed

Early 2013 Bethlehem University and the Custody of the Holy Land jointly purchased the Mount David property in Bethlehem from the Latin Patriarchate in Jerusalem.

This property was the former hospital owned by the Holy Land Christian Mission which included ownership of 40% of the Handal House.  At that time the remaining 60% of Handal House, one of three parcels on the Mount David property, was owned by members of the Handal family.

The Ecclesiastical Court of the Latin Patriarchate had become the trustee of the Handal House and represented the Handal family.  Negotiations between the Ecclesiastical Court and Bethlehem University led to the completion of the purchase of Handal House by the University and the Custody of the Holy Land at a signing on 20 October 2015. Present at the signing were:

Ecclesiastical Court (Trustee of the Handal Family), Fr. Emil Salayta, Adv. Khader Habash, and from the Latin Patriarchate, Fr. Imad Twal, Adv. Sami Shihadeh, Adv. Jiyad Da'boub, and from Custody of the Holy Land, Fr. Ibrahim Faltas and Adv. Anton Salman.

Br. Albert Alonso represented the De La Salle Christian Brothers, (Owners of Bethlehem University Real Estate).  Bethlehem University was represented by Br. Peter Bray, Vice Chancellor, Mr. Youil Anastas, Vice President for Finance, Ms. Elsa Hazboun, Assistant to Vice Chancellor, Dr. Michael Sansur, Executive Vice President and Br Stephen Tuohy, Vice President for Advancement.

Bethlehem University is grateful to all who made this purchase possible which will contribute to the implementation of Bethlehem University’s strategic plan.



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