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10 October 2014

The Interim Board of the Institute of Tourism Meets at Mount David


The Interim Board of the Bethlehem University Institute of Tourism Training held its inaugural meeting the 10th of October at the Mount David property Bethlehem University recently acquired.

The intention of the meeting was to bring all interested stakeholders of the Mount David property development plan together to address its key issues.


The board will be composed of several key representatives from churches, the tourism business, and Bethlehem University and is chaired by Mr. Hani Abu Dayyeh.


The meeting also included several distinguished guests who offered their expertise, including Mr. Ali Abu Srour representing the Ministry of Tourism. The Ministry of Tourism has played an important role in supporting Bethlehem University’s plans for the development of the Mount David property in order for the Institute of Tourism Training to become a regional leader in tourism education and research.


Brother Peter Bray, Vice Chancellor, and Mr. Chris Faisandier, presented the meeting with Bethlehem University’s development plans. Special attention was also given to the role of teaching and research in the Institute. The teaching plan has been developed in cooperation with USAID, the Saint Benilde University in Manila, Philippines and experienced senior faculty formerly from Johnson and Wales University, Rhode Island. It has been developed specifically for the regional context and has an emphasis on competency based learning to develop front-line industry staff.


The profound exploration of the key issues discussed in the meeting served to align the interested stakeholders with the Mount David development plans. Consequently, the meeting agreed to set up various sub-committees, each to look after and advise the Board on different matters concerning the Institute of Tourism Training.


Pictured from left to right: Father Juan Solana, L.C., Mr. Hani Abu Dayyeh, Brother Peter Bray, FSC, Mr. Ali Abu Srour, Mr. Fahmi Nashashibi, Mr. Michael Doll, Father Ibrahim Faltas, OFM.


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