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4 September 2014

New Challenges as the new Academic Year Kicks off at Bethlehem University

Today, Bethlehem University celebrated the beginning of a new Academic Year by holding the "Holy Spirit Mass."  The celebrant of the Mass Bishop William Shomali started the ceremony with a blessing of Bethlehem University and the work it is doing in Palestine.

“We thank God for Bethlehem University, the work being done here completes the work of the church, it provides hope and an oasis of peace for its students and the entire community,” said Bishop Shomali.

We start this new academic year with new challenges.  The University started the implementation of a new Integrated Data Management System which will connect four major areas together and allow for a higher level of coordination. Human Resource, Finance, Student Registration and Academic affairs will all be linked together through a package of software that will facilitate communication and coordination between these four areas.

The main challenge every semester and every year is taking care of the students entrusted to Bethlehem University.  In mid-June, nearly 700 students graduated from Bethlehem University, and now, we are blessed with a new group of students who bring with them hope aside from the challenges.

On their first day of orientation, our Vice Chancellor, Brother Peter Bray addressed the new students.  Brother Peter told the new students, that they are the chosen ones.  Bethlehem University received nearly 2000 applications for this new semester, less than 800 of them were accepted.

“Those of you that we made this decision to take, you not the others have been chosen to be part of Bethlehem University’s Community, now it is your turn to prove to us that we have made the right decision,” Brother Peter said.

With this challenge the students will start their first year at Bethlehem University.  Few days ago over 3200 students; new and returning, walked through the gates of Bethlehem University on their first day of a new year, nearly 800 of them are new enthusiastic students who have made up their mind that Bethlehem University is their choice for quality higher education.

As the Israeli agression on Gaza seems to have come to an end after declaring a long-term cease-fire, our thoughts and prayers remain with our graduates and all the civilians in the besieged Gaza Strip who are not even able to go to their schools, since many schools and universities were bombarded by the Israeli gunships and many other schools are being used as refuge to the hundreds of thousands of Internally Displaced Gaza residents.

With the starts of the new academic year, more responsibility is added to the load that we already have in Bethlehem University, and your support is becoming more and more needed, to go forward with the academic and social mission of Bethlehem University in Palestine.


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