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12 August 2014

Looking ahead, Mr. Tangney is organizing tours for the year 2015

At a quiet meeting with H.E. Mrs. Roula Ma'ayah, the Palestinian Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, Mr. John Tangney, owner and manager of Tangney Tours, a prominent UK tour agency, expressed lots of optimism on the continued flow of tourists to a region of the world characterized by the occasional commotion.  However, much like the stock market, our world is divided between bullish and bearish investors, and while some people are skeptical of coming to the Holy Land during a period of uncertainty, many are enjoying the relative calm to explore more of the city and avoid much larger lines at the Nativity Church.

Mr. Tangney’s meeting did not end there, as he also sat with the vibrant blue-eyed mayor of Bethlehem, Mrs. Vera Baboun ’85, a Bethlehem University graduate and former faculty member who most recently welcomed the visit of H.H. Pope Francis.  Mrs.  Baboun welcomed Mr. Tangney and thanked him for his support in continuing to bring pilgrims to the Holy Land.

The primary focus of the visit, however, was centered around the meeting of Mrs. Laila Asfoura ’02 graduate of Bethlehem University and Owner of Laila Tours and Travel and business associate of Mr. Tangney of whom she has dealt with extensively for the past ten years.  The meeting focused on the pricing for the 2015 pilgrim visits and incoming groups for the current year.

It only seemed right that they pay a small visit to Bethlehem University, a pinned location on almost most of their itineraries.  On Monday 11 August,  Br. Stephen Tuohy, Vice President for Advancement at the University, along with several staff members from the Advancement office welcomed them and encouraged them to continue the excellent work of promoting tourism in the Holy Land.  Mr. Tangney and Mrs. Asfoura both expressed their heartfelt support and desire of continuing to bringing awareness to an Oasis of Peace.

“We will continue to bring groups to your beautiful campus and meet with your students as we have done for several years,” positive sentiments that only remind the University that their friends are always there and will always come to bring new faces to a campus that has been steadfast for over 40 years.


By: Demitri Awwad - Guest Relations Officer
Photo: Michael Jackaman


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