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19 September 2014

Catholic Bishops hear from BU Students during campus visit

Dubbed the “peace pilgrimage”, Catholic Bishops are in the Holy Land to visit holy sites in the country, whilst meeting with religious leaders of the Christian, Jewish and Muslim faith. 

One of their stops, Bethlehem University, a Catholic Educational Institute was a highlight of their tour and an eye opener for many in the group. On the 18th of September, the delegation walked the campus grounds and listened to students share their stories of hope, optimism and during occasions skeptical views about the future.  “I will certainly try to leave to further my studies abroad but hope to come back and serve my country”, said student Ms. Dina Rishmawi ‘15, a young lady that sees a ray of light at the end.

Br. Stephen Tuohy, Vice President of Development, welcomed the group of Bishops in the Hotel Management Institute, emphasizing in the process his great appreciation and much gratitude for the support of the Catholic Church and for their visit, in which he viewed as a sign of support for Bethlehem University that many see in the region as a “Beacon of Hope”.

As the group headed for their awaiting bus, many commented on the positive appearances of the many students they witnessed around campus, noting in particular that almost every student had a huge smile.  It seemed that the only visible frowns to be noticed for the day were those who were on the losing end of a basketball competition that the Universities Athletic department had held for its faculty and students.



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