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28 August 2014

The New Bethlehem Governor pays a visit to Bethlehem University

H.E. Major General Jibrin Al-Bakri, the new Governor of Bethlehem visited Bethlehem University on Thursday 27th August.  He met with the Vice Chancellor Brother Peter Bray, FSC, EdD, and the Executive Vice President, Dr. Michael Sansur.

The governor was accompanied by the director of his office, Mr. Saleh Suboh, and the director of Youth and Culture Department, Dr. Luay Zaool, and the Media Director, Mr. Monjed Jado.

Brother Peter Bray, welcomed the new governor in Bethlehem University and wished him all successes in serving the population of Bethlehem, which is a shared interest of the governorate and Bethlehem University; to provide the best for people here in Bethlehem area in particular and the Palestinian people in general.

On his part, the Governor spoke highly of the role of Bethlehem University in providing quality higher education to Palestinian students, many of which have taken influential positions in local, regional and international places.

The Governor added that he is keen to have Bethlehem University involved in the plans that affects the entire Bethlehem district and added that the university is already represented in two important committees that have been recently formed, The Social Solidarity Committee, and the Consultation Committee for the Governorate.

One of the main targets of the committees is to create a “Needy Student Fund” in order to provide some monetary support for needy students to allow them to pursue their studies.

Following the introductory meeting, Mr. Bakri,  toured the campus, and visited the different buildings with Brother Peter and Dr. Sansur informed him about the new projects and plans to expand the university in order to grow its programs and ensure an enhance the quality of teaching and learning.

The new governor affirmed that he will continue to boost cooperation with Bethlehem University on the footsteps of his predecessors.



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