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12 October, 2012

Passionists receive warm welcome from students and staff

Near the Millennium HallA group of 24 people from New Zealand and Australia, led by two Passionist priests, Fr. Brian Traynor and Fr. Kevin Hennessy, visited Bethlehem University on Friday, 12 October.

The visitors were welcomed by the Guest Relations and Communication Officers and were led in a tour on campus during which they visited the Chapel of the Divine Child, where the President Emeritus of Bethlehem University, Brother Joseph B. Loewenstein, FSC, gave the group a detailed explanation about the chapel and its history.

Brother Peter Bray FSC, Vice Chancellor of Bethlehem University, a New Zealander by origin, spoke to the group about the plans Bethlehem University has to better serve its community and continue providing quality higher education to its students. Particularly, Brother Bray mentioned the plans to purchase the Mount David property in Bethlehem that would expand Bethlehem University's property area by 30%.

In his speech to the group Brother Bray mentioned three major ways to support Bethlehem University:

“Keep us in your prayers, stand in solidarity with us, and financially support us,” in order to continue with our mission to support the Palestinian society at large and remain a “beacon of hope and oasis of peace” in the Holy Land.

The visitors also watched the film Beacon of Hope, a 15-minute film about Bethlehem University followed by a discussion with some of the BU students; the discussion included a number of issues, including why they chose Bethlehem University and the hardships they face in pursuing their studies, especially those students from Jerusalem who have to cross through the wall twice everyday.

The visit concluded with lunch at the Hotel Management Institute with some of the students and BU Staff. Although it was a short visit to our small campus, the goodbye was  bittersweet for the students, staff, and the visitors.


At the Chapel of the Divine Child
At the Chapel of the Divine Child



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