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17 September 2012

Bethlehem University Holds Seminar Discussing Professor's Book

Book urges Palestinian politicians and intellectuals to reconsider long-held positions

Dr. Said AyyadThe Department of Arabic Language at  Bethlehem University organized a seminar to discuss the new book titled “Dilemma of the Palestinian Political Mind” by author Dr. Said Ayyad, professor of Journalism at Bethlehem University.

Dr. Zein el-Abdeen Awawdeh, professor of Criticism and Literature at the University. Dr. Awawdeh also highlighted that the book was written based on a scientific approach and research and added that the author succeeded in maintaining a high level of objectivity regarding the main issues of the book.

The event was held 13 September, 2012 on campus at Furno Hall.

The book, published by Haifa, for Strategic and Media Studies, is a 565-page analytical study of the Palestinian political system and the crises the Palestinian political factions are in as a result of the ongoing power struggle.

The discussion was attended by a number of students and faculty of Bethlehem University.  Dr. Irene Hazou, Vice President for Academic Affairs, emphasized the importance of the study for all faculty members, noting that the book is a scientific achievement and a valuable contribution to Arabic Literature.

On his part, Dr. Moin Halloun, head of the Arabic Language Department at Bethlehem University, said the book presents a methodological vision that addresses the current situation in Palestine which can be a good starting point for positive change in the future.

The book tackles a very sensitive issue in Palestine, especially during these times of division amongst the main rival political parties, said 

Dr. Ayyad, the author of the book, said this book is an invitation to urge Palestinian politicians and intellectuals to reconsider the thoughts they have for the future of this part of the world.

To order copies of the book, you can contact Dr. Ayyad directly at starting 1 November, 2012



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