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18 August 2012

Bethlehem University Announces New Chancellor

Giuseppe LazzarottoOn 18 August 2012, The Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI appointed Archbishop Giuseppe Lazzarotto as Apostolic Delegate in Jerusalem and Palestine and Apostolic Nuncio to Israel. By right of office, the Apostolic Delegate becomes the Chancellor of Bethlehem University, serving as the Holy See's representative on Bethlehem University matters and acting as chief advisor to the Vice Chancellor concerning the Holy See.

This weekend Archbishop Lazzarotto spoke to Vatican Radio about his joy in accepting this position, acknowledging the “many men and women of good will who live in the Holy Land,” and vowing to do his best to promote “the cause of dialogue and peace.”

Now the seventh Chancellor of Bethlehem University, Archbishop Lazzarotto succeeds Archbishop Antonio Franco, who has served as Apostolic Delegate and Bethlehem University Chancellor since 2006. On behalf of the Bethlehem University community, I thank Archbishop Franco for his years of service and devotion to Bethlehem University and greater Palestine.

We welcome Archbishop Lazzarotto to the Bethlehem University community. He most recently served as Apostolic Nuncio to Australia, but is not new to the region, as he first served in Jerusalem in the early 1980s and then was Apostolic Nuncio to Jordan and Iraq (1994-2000). Please join me in congratulating Chancellor Lazzarotto on his appointment and hopefully welcoming him on campus in the coming months. 

Brother Peter Bray, FSC, EdD
Vice Chancellor
Bethlehem University 


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