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Policies and Procedures: Weeding the Library Collection

One of the responsibilities of the library personnel is removing from the library collection those materials that are no longer appropriate nor supportive of the university curriculum. Removing such materials improves the overall quality of the collection.

Factors to be considered in removing materials from the library book collection include:

The condition of the book:

missing pages, loose pages, fragile and brittle paper, torn cover, highlighting, writing, underlining, damaged binding, mutilated


the number of copies of the same book in relation to space on shelves and use


superseded edition where content is cumulative


  • material with outdated, inaccurate factual content
  • material with outdated interpretations of values, attitudes
  • materials with inappropriate reading, interest level
  • material no longer circulating


replacing the book with a newer copy


The same factors apply as appropriate to non-book materials. The subject of the material will affect these factors.

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