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Knowledge without frontiers

 The call book cover         The holy cities book cover  

November saw the Library receiving two valuable volumes from Saudi Arabia, a gift received by the Vice Chancellor on the occasion of his most recent visit to that country.

When at times, the Vice Chancellor, Brother Peter Bray arrives from his overseas trips, the Library is one place that Brother Peter thinks of when he receives a gift from one of our friendly donors. Last year, the gifts were from Chile, another time from the United States, and so on… This year the two volumes of books we received speak about Saudi Arabia and the ‘world of Islam”…

Knowledge is indeed, without borders. Books record a “growing” knowledge, such as the history, evolution of a country – its culture, religion, and civilization. Knowledge is also enhanced with travels; one’s experiences in the country itself and meeting its people reinforce what one knows.

Sultan Ghalib Al-Qu’aiti is the author of the abovementioned books, waiting for you to give your time for a good read.

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