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Janet Venn-Brown: A Life in Art,  by Peter Manning

The author, Peter Manning, presents us with a “remarkable story” of Janet Venn-Brown – a dedicated artist from Australia and a staunch supporter of the campaign for Palestinian statehood.

This is a must-read book for all. Peter Manning unravels the story of the Australian painter, Janet Venn-Brown, whose “life in art” gets intricately woven with the life of Palestinian peace activist, Wael Zuaiter, with whom she falls in love…

With her art, “she would bring alive the streets and homes of seven Arab countries - Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Palestine, Kuwait, the UAE, Oman, Yemen and Tunisia - to public audience”.

To Mr. Manning, we owe this comprehensive collection of Janet’s paintings in this “richly illustrated book, which also portrays the painter as an intrepid and passionate artist.”

Special thanks to Brother Peter Bray, Vice Chancellor, for this very “special delivery!” The Library takes note that the book takes on a significant meaning with the dedication to Bethlehem University from the author himself.



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