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Statistics of Books Loaned –March 2019

A total of 1,141 books  have been loaned out, with an increasing number of students using the RFID Check-in/Check-out kiosks available for them to use especially when the Staff at the Circulation desk get really busy in assisting students at the Computer pools, or the supervision of the Quiet Study Areas. Books in the subject areas of Language and Literature (P) are the most borrowed with 345 students registered in our database.  Three (3) weeks are allowed each student-borrower with the right to renew the resources if needed.



Statistics of Library Usage-March 2019

Total 12622

The month of March served as a “month of recovery” after several  school days missed. The first day of March was a record of 698 users and the last day of classes we had a record of 650. Out of 19 class days in March the highest usage was 797, on a Monday, the 25th of March. Usage may either mean, studying at the QSAs, utilizing the DRs, working at the Computer pools, borrowing books, or even getting a spot at the café-library.


Usage of Discussion Rooms in the Library –March 2019




 The pie chart above shows the heavy usage of all 11 Discussion Rooms in the Library as the Spring Term moved on to March. Students from the different Faculties/Departments start to engage themselves heavily in their seminars, research papers, and other forms of studying in groups. Likewise, students at the Shuckri Dabdoub Faculty of Business Administration intensified their preparations for the Business Fair/Market. It is this Faculty that tops all others in usage – 36% =  578 students, who also make use of the technology offered them which the DRs are equipped with.      

 We want to commend the students for their proper deportment and wise, eclectic use of facilities and equipment.


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