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The Holy Land and the Bible

This book is subtitled: “A book of scripture illustrations gathered in Palestine” and contains over four hundred original illustrations by H.A. Harper. It is a “Quiver Edition” and undated, but an old pen-written inscription reveals “1898” or circa this year, could have been a date of publication.



 The author visited Palestine with the intention of capturing into black and white as well as describing the various districts of the Holy Land, taking note of their ancient sites, their past history, and their present condition.

A perusal of the Table of Contents will reveal that the whole country is shown from south to north, that is, from Beersheba to Damascus, Baalbek and Beirout – a geographical area which included all of Palestine depicted in the Old and New Testaments.


In order to conserve this English rare book belonging to the Library’s Special Collections section, it has now been converted into digital format which can be accessed on the following link:



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