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Turathuna Summer Camp 2017

The annual summer camp organized by the Turathuna Center for Palestinian Heritage was held from 12th until 22nd of June 2017. Fourteen participants aged 13-16 have joined from different local schools.
The 10 days camp included 3 days of culinary art course with chef Peter Hermantas where the participants learnt how to cook different dishes. Ms. Marlen Al-Seryani gave the mosaic course in which the participants were engaged a lot as they learnt how to create mosaic pieces of art for the rest of the camp days. The camp also included an educational one day trip to the Palestine Museum of Natural History which provided the young participants with an enriching experience.
The Turathuna summer camp is a unique camp as there are no other similar activities for this age group in the area which help cultivate in young people a characteristic love for the arts. It also gives the opportunity for the participants to know more about their culture and heritage. 

The last day of the camp was a day to celebrate the achievements of the participants and to reward them with a certificate of attendance. Their parents were invited as well as other honorary personnel from Bethlehem University. During the event, the parents expressed their satisfaction with the camp as they saw the successful and fruitful results of the ten-day event.

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