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“The Complete Poetry Works” by Muhammed Nijim Nashif 1936 – 1992

Bethlehem University Library is the recipient of a recently published collection of poems by a Palestinian who hails from Taybeh in the northern Galilee.  Taybeh also spelled “Tayibe Taibeh or Tayiba, means “the benevolent, kind” [person]. It is an Arab city in central Israel, east of Kfar Saba.

The book written in Arabic has three volumes:  vol. 1 is entitled “The Calling of the Spirit;”  vol.2, “ Man and Existence Battles;” while vol. 3 is called “The Warrior Prayer.”

The three-volume- book was published in honor of the author, Muhammed Nijim Nashif, through the initiative of his home town committee. The town committee – based on voluntary work and donations - is also called the “Popular Committee for the Preservation of Art and Literature in Taybeh.”    

The author published the first volume in 1991. After his death the committee worked on gathering his unpublished poetry and published it in two additional volumes.  The publishing of the three volumes was funded in partition by Taybeh municipality and donations.


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