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Library Staff Visit Two Libraries in Jerusalem

Three of the Library staff - Valerie, Sr. Rose and Rebecca - visited the General Library of the Custody of the Holy Land and the Studium Biblicum Franciscanum Library on April 10, 2017.

The Custody of the Holy Land Library consists of two small halls for the reference and periodicals where researchers and students of the seminary work. It also has a compactus which is off limits to users. It has a closed- shelves system wherein any book needed must be requested from the librarian.

For more than five hundred years the Custody of the Holy Land has been preserving and passing on a collection of books between the walls of the libraries of the Franciscan Fathers.

This general library has an extensive collection of materials from 1300 to the present. In 2011 the project: Books, Bridges of Peace, initiated in collaboration with the Custody of the Holy Land, the CRELEB – European Research Centre for Libraries, Books and Publishing of the Catholic University of Milan, and the Association Pro Terra Sancta, was launched. The aim is to create spaces for study and research in order to contribute to the dialogue between peoples, cultures and religions. The books and libraries then may become real bridges that build peace (Brochure: Books, bridges of peace).

The library at the Flagellation – The Studium Biblicum Franciscanum is a specialized library with approximately 50,000 volumes of books and 420 magazines in the library. The main sections are: archaeology, biblical and patristic studies, early Judaism…Holy Land itineraries.


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