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New Library Student-Assistants, the “cream of the crop”, Receive Work Orientation

Sixteen students received the work-study grant enabling them to work as student-assistants at the newly-refurbished Library. On the 2nd of March, Wednesday, they were convoked for an orientation taking special note that they will be the first batch to be assigned at the new library. A special program was crafted by the team in charge which was held in the new library. Jenny Baboun-Hodali opened the activity followed by staff and student-assistants getting-to-know-each-other session. Mellie Brodeth shared Khalil Gibran’s short verses about “work” in the context of the ongoing move from Sansour to the new library. Three student-assistants, Phoebe, Bara’a and Muna shared their work as a valuable learning experience in the Library last semester. All three spoke of their motivation to, and love for, work and the  lessons they learned while juggling their studies and responsibilities in the Library. Valerie Rock gave the closing remarks thanking all for their participation.

Following  the Library’s laudable tradition of welcome and hospitality, the student-assistants and the Library Staff had their refreshments at the café-library enjoying the scenic views the venue offers.

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