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Pictured above (r-l), Sr. Rose, Jenny, the scanner & Dany its inventor, Rebecca, and Mellie

Library Team visits with Dany Qumsieh at Mar Andrea

The Library Team involved with the project of digitization visited with Dany Qumsieh at Mar Andrea to have a first-hand view of his invention: a book scanner born out of his creative genius.

Wednesday, 1st of June was a day we looked forward to, to meet Dany whose parents, Dr. Mazen Qumsieh and Mrs. Jessie Chang are the active forerunners of the Palestine Museum of Natural History in Mar Andrea campus of Bethlehem University.  With a simple gesture of placing the book on his invented machine the "Linear Book Scanner", Dany simply touched a button on his laptop and the machine started copying pages from the book which stood still and unattended. It is such a practical invention facilitating the scanning of a book while one can simultaneously do some other tasks. After a short time (depending on the page numbers of a book), one can have the complete copy of the book being scanned.

We invited Dany to visit the newly-renovated University Library and see the Palestinian collection of old and rare books lined up for scanning. Some are delicate and fragile and others are firm enough to stand the kind of procedure which Dany’s invention allows.  Dany also saw other types of scanners being used by Jenny and her team for the project of digitization.

It was a fruitful day, indeed where great ideas meet and we are grateful having been enriched meeting Dany Qumsieh and his invented machine the "Linear Book Scanner". May your creativity flourish at the service of mankind, Dany!

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