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News From the Library Director

Ms. Hala Marzouka, Head of the Arabic Technical Services (ATS) in the Library has resigned her post, effective 31 August. On behalf of the Library Team, I'd like to thank Hala for her generous and dedicated services for more than two decades in this section of the Library, and the many other duties she has diligently performed in the University.

Ms. Valerie Rock, Reference Librarian and assistant to the ATS will assume the post of Head of the Arabic Technical Services.

In addition we welcome our newly-hired staff: Mr. Mike Hazboun as Reference/Information Library Staff and Ms. Dina Massad as secretary of the English Technical Services.

Following a further re-structuring of staff in the Library, Ms. Juana Juha is now the Librarian-in-charge of the Circulation Services while Mrs. Mirna Zoughbi assumes the post of secretary of the Library Director.

Best wishes to  one and all.


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