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Library Liaison Team Holds its Annual Meeting

The Library Liaison Team (LLT) met on Thursday, the 13th of October, at the Library Garden Floor. The one-hour meeting was attended by fourteen faculty members representing the different departments at BU in addition to the members of Library Team who prepared the agenda points.

The meeting started with a word of welcome by this year’s LLT coordinator Ms. Vera Kousa. Then, the Library staff presented updates on the different sections in the Library through an attractive and instructive PowerPoint presentation. These updates included usage statistics and purchases made by each department as well as a graphic presentation of the new RFID technology being implemented in the circulation services of the newly refurbished Library.

The LLT representatives were encouraged to motivate students to use the Library resources more often, especially the electronic resources. They were also very interested in the above-mentioned new technology, the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) system in which a hands-on demonstration of using the self-check in/out kiosks was shown to them. 

One of the meeting’s purposes is to keep an effective channel of communication between the Library and the different departments at Bethlehem University. This increases the Librarians’ knowledge on how to assist the departments and know their needs while it gives the departments the chance to ask what they need to know from the Library and to actively participate in the selection of resources to enhance their classroom teaching and students’ learning.

At the end, the Library Staff took the LLT representatives on a guided tour of the Library showing the new features such as the Discussion Rooms, the Quiet Study areas and the Computer pools. Camaraderie among them was accented with refreshments being served at the new café-library.

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