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A Brother’s Story

An Autobiography of David James Scarpa

Book Review


Brother David Scarpa served at Bethlehem University for fifteen years where he taught Earth and Environmental Sciences from 1990 until 2005. His experience at the university is narrated in the 2nd edition book “A Brother’s Story: An Autobiography of David James Scarpa.”

The book begins by describing the life of David Scarpa, how he became a Lasallian Brother, his education, and the challenges he faced during those years. He then writes about his experience at Bethlehem University in three chapters where he describes it as an “oasis or peace-haven” amid all the difficult situations that Bethlehem went through during the two intifadas and the wars in the Middle East.  “The violence was never far away, but the hope of a better future was the driving force of all involved with this Palestinian University” (excerpted from “A Brother’s Story; back cover). The book ends with his move to England where he now works as the Provincial archivist for the Brothers in Britain.

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